Amari Cooper’s injury is concerning for the Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

Amari Cooper has missed time with an apparent heel bruise. But the injury to the Pro Bowl wide receiver could be more serious than previously thought.

The Dallas Cowboys have to be worried about Amari Cooper.

Currently, Cooper is dealing with what has been deemed a minor heel injury. The injury kept him on the sidelines for the Cowboys’ preseason game against the San Francisico 49ers and out of practice for over a week. Most of the discussion around the injury suggested that it was a bruise, something that takes time to heel but shouldn’t present any long-term issues.

But this morning, radio host Roy White tweeted that according to Cowboys insider Mickey Spangola, the injury is “more of a ligament thing” than a bruise.

Ligament injuries are always tricky, but a ligament injury to the heel could be particularly difficult to manage. It’s clear that the Cowboys aren’t rushing Cooper back, but even with the proper amount of time, ligament injuries can linger. And it’s not like Cooper can avoid putting pressure on his heel. The Cowboys appear to be taking all the necessary precautions, with Garrett saying that Cooper is “making progress” and “getting closer and closer” to coming back.

But what if this injury carries into the season? Cooper is a critical part of the Cowboys’ offense. A nagging injury could slow them down. With contract rumors flying and Ezekiel Elliot still holding out, Cooper’s injury gives Cowboys’ fans yet another reason to be concerned about the 2019 season.

After being acquired for a first-round pick in October, Cooper is one of the most valuable players on the Cowboys’ offense. Once dealt to Dallas, Cooper had 53 receptions for 725 yards in the regular season, averaging 13.7 yards per reception. Cooper, alongside Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, will be critical to any success the Cowboys find in the 2019 season.

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