5 best possible bets to make right now on NFL MVP

NFL Odds

This is the time to make some of the best bets of the entire season. There are a ton of odds on the NFL MVP, and these will go down as the best you can make.

We are just a few weeks away from NFL football that counts. Right now, we are doing mock drafts for our fantasy teams, scouting the third quarter of preseason games to find a late-round gem who could contribute this year, and if you’re lucky enough to be in a state with legal sports gambling, you’re preparing your bets.

One of the most popular bets is the NFL MVP. For one, it’s one of the best payouts in the league, thanks to so many options pushing odds extremely high. The favorite, which is obviously Patrick Mahomes, still pays out 5.5/1 (which means if you were to bet $100, you would win $550). For the reigning MVP, that’s a great payout.

Still, Mahomes isn’t even one of the best bets to make this season. There are so many bets to make that easily exceed 10/1 odds, and one legitimate bet that’s close to 100/1. Bettors new and old can win legitimate money off of this bet alone. If you bet $100 on a guy that’s 90/1, that is legitimately $9,000. This is why the fairweather bettors and the sharps alike love these bets. It’s low risk, high reward.

Today, we go through where those rewards are the highest. Or more specifically, which reward is more likely to come out based on the odds. These five should be where your money goes now before their odds plummet.

5. Ben Roethlisberger 30/1

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a tumultuous offseason. They lost Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown for very, very little compensation. They didn’t do much to replace them, despite losing two of the best players at their position. Something had to be done with this team. They should have absolutely made the playoffs last season, but they didn’t.

Now, it’s basically Ben Roethlisberger’s team. Juju Smith-Schuster and James Conner will be the top skill players. They aren’t the type of player to steal headlines. That’s how Big Ben wants it at this point in his career. This was the same player that was saying he was thinking about retirement. Now that the Steelers are built to his liking, he seems to be stick around.

However, bettors have to admit, if Roethlisberger is able to lead the Steelers to a great season, he’d get a ton of love. He may be “the problem” in Pittsburgh, but he’s betting on himself. The media in general loves that. If a player bets on himself and succeeds, he gets a ton of positive attention throughout the season. That’s the plan for Roethlisberger this season.

You can get one of the best quarterbacks in the league at 30/1. Not only is he still very, very good, but he’s going to be in the headlines all season long. Not only that, but the Steelers are pegged to play five of their 16 games on national television, and that’s before the flex schedule begins. It all starts with the defending champs on Sunday Night Football. If this is the bet you like the most, get it in now because if the Steelers beat the Patriots, expect people to start jumping on this bandwagon.

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