This Antonio Brown story is insane, and it’s only beginning

Oakland Raiders

Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet. Incredibly, that’s not his only problem. It’s now been reported he’s furious about his helmet being outlawed.

The Oakland Raiders have to be wondering how they can send Antonio Brown back to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After acquiring him in March for a third-round pick, it appeared the Raiders got a steal. Instead. Brown has been nothing but a headache, outlined in this epic Twitter thread from NFL Media columnist Mike Silver. Silver reports Brown has a legion of issues going on, including being irate over the NFL outlawing his helmet style. Brown, who wore the same helmet throughout his time with Pittsburgh, now has to adjust to a new, approved style. He’s not having it.

This, and not the extreme frostbite on his feet, is apparently the biggest reason he’s staying away from Napa, California where the Raiders’ camp is, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. At this juncture, it’s unclear when the 31-year-old receiver is planning on showing up.

All of this brings on so many questions. In Silver’s thread, he alluded to Brown having his old helmet repainted in Raiders’ colors before being told twice to get rid of the headwear. This all led to Brown blowing up multiple times over the issue, something which has apparently caused a stir within the organization.

The Raiders paid Brown an extra $30 million in his current deal to make him happy. Now, they are without him on the field and dealing with all the drama they can handle off it.

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