5 reasons Cowboys can win the Super Bowl this year

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys head into the 2019 regular season with massive expectations. Fortunately for Jason Garrett, he has a roster capable of winning it all.

It’s no secret what the goal in Dallas is for the Cowboys this season. Jerry Jones and company have assembled one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. That means it is Super Bowl or bust for Jason Garrett and his coaching staff.

That might seem like hefty expectations for a coach who hasn’t piloted the Cowboys to a deep playoff run in his career. Garrett’s inexperience can be overwhelmed by the sheer talent he has to work with. That puts a ton of pressure on the former Princeton quarterback, but he’s in a position lots of coaches around the league would love to find themselves in.

There are plenty of reasons to believe the Cowboys can hoist the Lombardi Trophy when all is said and done. The challenge here was picking the top five. We start with a big key for the Cowboys’ offense.

5. The connection between Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper

The Cowboys paid a steep price to acquire Cooper last season, but the trade gave the team’s offense a massive jolt. It’s reasonable to expect the chemistry between Prescott and Cooper to get even better after a full offseason to work together.

To put it bluntly, both of these guys really need one another. There were serious questions about whether or not Prescott was anything more than an average quarterback until Cooper came to town. Cooper’s career was headed in a downward spiral until he was freed from a bad situation with the Raiders. Both players blossomed after they got the chance to play in the same offense.

The fact that both players are in the market for new contracts should also push them to enjoy banner seasons. As long as both guys stay healthy, look for them to put up big numbers. Their ability to power the Cowboys passing game will keep this team in games where the defense falters.

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