Redskins should trade Trent Williams to gain assets

Washington Redskins

It’s time for the Redskins to truly commit to rebuilding their roster. Trading Trent Williams in his prime would help Washington accelerate that process.

Trent Williams is a talented left tackle capable of helping his team win NFL games. The Redskins aren’t a team who can take fully take advantage of his skills. That’s why it’s time for Washington’s front office to make the right long-term decision regarding their franchise left tackle.

It’s time for the Redskins to come to grips with the fact that trading Williams is what’s best for the franchise. Things might be different if the 31-year-old offensive lineman was excited about playing for Washington this season. His decision to stay away from all team activities to date tells a much different story. All indications are that it could be “quite a while” before Williams feels the need to show up to Redskins’ training camp.

The prudent choice for Washington would be to act swiftly to make sure Williams’ absence never has the chance to become a real distraction for the team. The timing is right for the Redskins to make a hard pivot as a franchise. Spending their first round pick on Dwayne Haskins was the proper first step. Now it’s time for the front office to double down by flipping Williams for draft assets who can help the team surround their young signal caller with talent in the future.

The franchise shouldn’t look to give Williams away in a bargain trade, but if they’re able to secure a first or second-round pick for his services they should execute the transaction without hesitation. It’s unlikely any team is going to blow the Redskins away with a massive return for a player who is closer to his decline than his true prime, but quality left tackles still hold a lot of value in today’s NFL. It’s very possible a team that believes they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders might be willing to part with a valuable draft asset to help protect their quarterback in 2019.

The downside to this move is the reality of the Redskins fielding an extremely weak left-side of the offensive line next season. Currently, Williams is slotted as the team’s starting left tackle. The projected starter at left guard is Ereck Flowers. Jettisoning Williams could make it very difficult for Washington to protect their starting quarterback. That’s a risk worth taking given the potential haul the team could receive in a deal for Williams.

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The Redskins need to kick-start their rebuild and improving their future draft assets in a deal for Williams is one way they can significantly improve their future outlook. It’s time for Washington to get serious about charting a better future for their roster.

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