NFLPA expected to file grievance on behalf of Jadeveon Clowney

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The NFLPA is expected to file a grievance against the Houston Texans on behalf Jadeveon Clowney over franchise tag issues.

Monday was the deadline for NFL teams to reach long-term deals with their franchise-tagged players. At the end of the day, Houston Texans edge-rusher Jadeveon Clowney remained the only player who failed to negotiate a deal. He will play another year under the franchise tag, but just how much money he will be making is stirring up some controversy.

On Monday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the NFL Players Association is expected to file a grievance against the Texans over Clowney’s designation. Clowney is currently listed as a “DE/OLB.” The franchise tag for linebackers is worth roughly $15.4 million, while the tag for defensive ends is worth roughly $17.1 million. While Clowney plays in both positions, he played more snaps as a defensive end last season.

The separation between linebackers and defensive ends is blurry in the modern NFL. While players like Clowney may be listed as linebackers, they are also expected to take on many of the tasks of defensive ends, such as rushing the quarterback. A shift in terminology is likely needed in the long-term and may be possible as part of the current CBA negotiations.

For now, the NFLPA is focused on getting their player the money that they feel he deserves. In the meantime, Clowney is not expected to show up for Texans training camp. He will likely miss a large portion of camp, although he is not expected to miss any games.

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