Madden NFL 20 Ratings: 5 QBs who were totally snubbed


Year after year, the Madden ratings consistently snub several players, and Madden NFL 20 isn’t bucking the trend. Here are five quarterbacks who are criminally underrated by football’s only video game franchise.

Madden NFL 20 is the only game in the business, so no matter how faulty the game is year after year, consumers have no choice to buy what EA Sports is selling. Now, for all its issues, the game itself is consistently enjoyable for diehard NFL fans, but, of course, diehard fans are the ones always scratching their heads at how Madden can consistently get its player ratings so wrong.

This year was no exception, and there were a handful of quarterbacks who should submit their letters of complaint to the EA offices for being rated so low. Just kidding, they have better things to do with training camps set to open later this month.

Here are five quarterbacks who should have been rated much higher in this year’s edition of Madden. Though thanks to the dynamic rating system, they at least have a chance to boost their ratings.

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