Le’Veon Bell’s girlfriends rob him of $500,000 in jewels

New York Jets

The Jets fully expected Le’Veon Bell to make headlines this season, but not quite like this. Two women stole over $520,000 in jewelry from his Florida home. 

Le’Veon Bell inked a massive $52.5 million contract with the Jets this offseason, but that doesn’t mean he can afford to lose half a million dollars in jewelry. Unfortunately for the talented running back, two women have absconded from his Florida home with a small fortune of the player’s jewelry.

Per the Associated Press report, two women described as Bell’s “girlfriends,” according to police reportedly disappeared from Bell’s Florida home on May 25 with a large amount of jewelry valued around $520,000. Among the missing items were a black panther pendant, a Rolex and several gold chains with diamonds. At this time, there’s been no comment by Bell or his representatives about the alleged crime.

Don’t expect anyone with the Jets to get worked up about the incident. Bell certainly isn’t the first NFL player to make a poor decision about who he should trust. This could prove to be a very expensive lesson for Bell, but at least he’s a player with the financial resources to absorb such a significant loss.

The only real downside from the team’s perspective is if the incident distracts Bell from his business on the field. Theoretically, he could be called to participate in a criminal proceeding against the two women at some point in the future. The sooner the entire fiasco can be resolved the better it will be for Bell’s chances to return to the Pro Bowl form he displayed as a member of the Steelers.

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Hopefully Bell has learned a valuable lesson here about being more discerning about who he lets into his life. It’s important to remember that he is the victim here, but he does need to make better choices in all aspects of his personal life if he’s going to focus his attention on football in 2019.

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