Aaron Rodgers fights back, Tom Brady’s not terrific, French Open delivers dad moment of the year

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Aaron Rodgers has had enough, Tom Brady is not terrific, French Open made us cry and the moment when college baseball players found out they were drafted.

Aaron Rodgers can’t chug a beer but he can talk trash

Aaron Rodgers is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. After the public shaming he’s received after failing to chug a beer at a Bucks game, Rodgers is fighting back. He can’t drink a beer but he can talk trash.

“As far as those other guys, for some of them, there’s finally a talent where they can say they’re better than me, Rodgers squarely pointing the finger at Mitchell Trubisky, Matthew Stafford and Josh Allen who chugged beers like Hall of Famers.

Of course, he didn’t mean Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady who are better chuggers and quarterbacks, hence the “for some of them” qualifier.

Tom Brady’s not terrific, he’s an ego-maniac

Brady is the GOAT and he can chug a beer with the best frat boys, but he’s a narcissist and ego-maniac. Most extreme elite athletes are. Brady filed for trademarks on “Tom Terrific” which is Tom Seaver’s nickname so he can sell some TB12 merchandise. How low do you have to go to steal someone’s nickname?! That’s peak insecurity for a guy who has no reason to be.

Lost the match but won at being a dad

Nicolas Mahut lost his French Open match to Leonardo Mayer and the most heartwarming moment took place after when his 7-year-old son consoled him with a big hug and walked off the clay court hand in hand. I got something in my eye.

Double shot of MLB Draft celebrations

The MLB Draft delivered a pair of special moments for two college stars. Seconds after the Cubs drafted UCLA 2B Chase Strumpf in the second round, he hit a home run for the top-seeded Bruins. Talk about a flair for the dramatic.

Stanford outfielder Kyle Stowers was on deck when his coach came out to deliver the news the Orioles drafted him. He got a big ovation from his teammates and the Stanford fans. A touching moment in what was Stowers’ final college home game.

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