JuJu Smith-Schuster takes Steelers fan to prom after his girlfriend dumped him

Pittsburgh Steelers

JuJu Smith-Schuster is always there to help a fan, even if it means donning a dapper velvet tuxedo and escorting you to prom after.

Anthony Molinaro’s girlfriend broke up with him right before prom, leaving him without a date for the biggest date of the year.

He sent a DM to Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster asking him to accompany him to  Chartiers Valley (Penn.) High School and he took him up on it.

This is why you always have to shoot your shot. The worst that happens is the person ignores your message or says no. It happens. But you never know when that shot is gonna fall. For Molinaro, he turned a breakup into what JuJu called a “litty night” and stealing the fashion show with matching velvet tuxedos. George Costanza would be so proud of these two for rejecting the social norms of wearing velvet in public.

JuJu even took pictures with the other kids in the prom party. So not only did Anthony have a prom he’ll never forget and boost his street cred, but the other kids and families got to hang out with a rising NFL superstar.

It’s easy to see why JuJu is one of the most loved players in the NFL.

I used to think the idea of asking celebrities and athletes to go to prom with them was kinda lame, even though I was very jealous I didn’t think of it, but this is an awesome promposal.

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