Colin Cowherd can thank Baker Mayfield for ratings bump

Cleveland Browns

Colin Cowherd and Baker Mayfield go another round, the next great super team is coming together and is anyone even excited about the NBA Finals?

Baker Mayfield, Colin Cowherd continue to play the feud

Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd went back to the Baker Mayfield well on Wednesday. Cowherd responded to quotes from Mayfield that basically amounted to the Browns savior calling Cowherd a narcissistic blowhard who needs to be put in his place.

Cowherd reiterates he questions Mayfield’s maturity and judgment. Thinks Mayfield has put himself in a p*****g match with a member of the media and is proving his point. Mayfield thinks Cowherd is in his feelings and he won’t change for a “big tough guy behind a mic.”

Mayfield looks like he delivered the knockout punch to Cowherd. He’s mastered the art of the savage reply. This is what you do when you wake up feeling dangerous.

But here’s where Cowherd is actually a diabolical genius and why he’s winning this feud.

Cowherd’s ratings are up 32 percent in May vs. last May.

He can thank Mayfield for the ratings spike.

Are the NBA Finals relevant?

Only the NBA could make the Finals the opening act for the offseason. Outside of the Bay Area and Toronto, no one cares about a Warriors-Raptors final. But NBA fan is pumped for the soap opera that is free agency. Forget about Kevin Durant potentially returning from injury in the Finals. We all want the Woj bomb that says he’s signing with the Knicks or staying in Golden State.

Chips off the old block

Bronny James and Zaire Wade will team up together at the same high school next year. This won’t get the same attention as their dads, LeBron and Dwyane when they teamed up with the Miami Heat in 2010. No word on if Chris Bosh has a son ready to transfer there too.

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