Chiefs close to acquiring Frank Clark

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The Kansas City Chiefs are close to fill one of their biggest defensive needs, by acquiring pass-rusher Frank Clark from the Seattle Seahawks.

On Monday, rumors started to swirl about a deal being close for Seattle to trade its much-maligned superstar pass rusher, Frank Clark. Many of those rumors focused in on the Kansas City Chiefs as a likely destination.

Tuesday afternoon, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport tweeted that the Kansas City and Seattle were close to completing a trade for Seahawks star Frank Clark. In total, Kansas City will be giving up a 2019 first-round and 2020 second-round choice to the Seattle Seahawks. In exchange, the Chiefs are acquiring defensive end Frank Clark and the two teams are swapping third-round pick come Friday. To complete the trade, Clark and the Chiefs must agree on a long-term deal.

Obviously there are a lot of moving parts here, but a deal seems imminent at this point. Kansas City will essentially trade Dee Ford (for whom they received a second round pick from San Francisco for) and their first-round pick this year for Clark.

The move makes sense from a football standpoint for Kansas City. Pass rush is one of their biggest needs after trading Ford and cutting Justin Houston.

From a business end, giving up such a rich bounty for a player with a past that includes domestic violence during his time at the University of Michigan is tough to justify. Especially for a franchise dealing with fallout from Kareem Hunt and ongoing issues involving Tyreek Hill issues. Finally, Clark is going to take a huge chunk of cap space. It does not make a ton of sense.

We’ll see if the deal is completed, but it certainly seems to be trending that way right now.

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