5 players with the most volatile NFL Draft stock

NFL Draft

Every NFL Draft prospect is worried about where he’ll ultimately be selected, but these five guys have the widest range of potential outcomes on Draft Day.

There’s a chance that Kyler Murray won’t go No. 1 to the Cardinals, but even if he doesn’t the former Oklahoma star can take comfort in the fact that he won’t drop far. Not every prospect in this draft class has that kind of certainty heading into Drafty Day.

This piece will walk you through five particular individuals who have the most volatile draft stock of anyone. It wouldn’t be a shock to see any of these guys go in the first round, but each of them also has the potential to fall out of Day One completely.

Predictably, several of these players have high-profile flaws that are scaring some teams away. It could be injury, off-the-field issue or a potential fatal weakness in the way they play the game. Some major red flag is scaring NFL scouts.

On the other hand, each of these players also has a special quality that could cause a team to fall in love with their skill set. In almost every case that means they have some elite physical traits that could easily translate to big-time NFL success. The floor for these guys isn’t terribly high, but the ceilings see them develop into perennial Pro Bowlers.

We start with a guy who faces an uncertain draft largely due to injury.

5. Jeffery Simmons

If he were healthy, it’s very possible we could be talking about Simmons as a Top 10 pick. Unfortunately, he suffered a torn ACL in a February workout that means he won’t be ready to go when Week One of the regular season arrives.

The injury is a big part of his volatility, but it isn’t responsible for all of it. Simmons also has some off-the-field concerns that have popped up in his past. A few teams are also going to downgrade him because of that. When you add it all up, Simmons could go anywhere from 15 to 50 in this draft. That’s one of the widest ranges in this class.

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