Bama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa would consider the 2019 NFL Draft if he could

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Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa talks about the NFL Draft and how he would have entered the 2019 NFL Draft were it possible.

CBS Sports Radio had Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa on to talk about the NFL Draft and the rule that players have to wait three seasons until they have the option to enter. When asked about the rule, Tagovailoa said he agreed with it.

He described it as a “good rule”, said that it needs to be treated like a job and that it is advantageous to come back for another year to hear from those who come and talk to the team about the NFL. He specifically talked about how Alabama players would return and talk about the NFL, and that it was a huge learning experience. He then said that three years was “fine for me”.

However, he was then asked if he had a choice to go, would he enter the draft? His answer was interesting. Tagovailoa described how he’d sit down with his parents and make a decision, and would give his all to prepare should he decide to enter the draft.

This interview once again brings the “three years” rule into the spotlight. There has been plenty of debate about whether or not it would be better to lower the years of eligibility to two or bring it up to a full four seasons in college.

This year, once again, set a record for underclassmen declaring for the NFL Draft. However, an argument for raising the threshold to four years is that about half of the underclassmen that declared this year may not be drafted.

When it comes to Tagovailoa,  he doesn’t have a choice this season, but it gets interesting in the next couple of years. Of course, Tagovailoa would make this quarterback class instantly better, but we will wait till 2020. For someone like Trevor Lawrence, though, this debate could get more intriguing. Lawrence looked phenomenal in the 2018 season for Clemson and played an excellent title game. He looks ready now but has to wait two more seasons.

For now, nothing will come as a decision to move for the NCAA. But, the more we hear from athletes about it, the more the discussion will get to them.

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