Antonio Brown circus act perfect fit for Oakland Raiders

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The Oakland Raiders are reportedly the frontrunners to land Antonio Brown, and frankly, it makes perfect sense for a franchise used to dysfunction.

If you follow the NFL, it’s hard not to have noticed in the strange, almost bizarre behavior of Antonio Brown recent weeks. Brown, 30, has made it quite clear that he has caught his last pass in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform.

From his rants on Twitter and Instagram to more recent appearances on HBO’s ‘The Shop’ and his ESPN Interview, Brown wants out.

Too bad the Barnum & Bailey circus shut down in 2017. His act would have been a perfect fit.

It’s not unusual for professional athletes to display odd behavior, throw fits of selfishness or put themselves ahead of teammates. For Brown, his path of odd choices can be traced back to last summer. It was then when the following string began… threatening an ESPN reporter, allegedly throwing furniture over a 14th floor balcony, driving 100 MPH in a 30 MPH zone, asking for a trade via Twitter and leaving at halftime of Pittsburgh’s Week 17 game after being AWOL for much of the week.

All of this leads to the Oakland Raiders. With the Steelers hoping to trade him prior to having to pay a $2.5 million roster bonus on March 17, Oakland appears the most interested party. For Pittsburgh, a deal with the Raiders makes sense. Brown would be going to a bad team with a ton of draft capital to send back.

This is not the Raiders of Al Davis’ years gone by. The swashbuckling, punch-you-in-the-face Raiders who struck fear in opponents and fans across the NFL.

No, this version is more of the Shakes the Clown Raiders who fall flat on their face.

The Raiders who drafted JaMarcus Russell.

The Raiders who got nothing from Randy Moss.

The Raiders who spent $100 million hiring Jon Gruden.

The Raiders who have had one winning season since 2002.

The Raiders who have had 10 head coaches in that same span.

One thing is clear when it comes to where Brown should be playing in the NFL if it’s not in Pittsburgh. The city who gets him should mirror his personality. There’s no better choice than Oakland.

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