Atlanta Falcons: 4 offseason needs in 2019

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The Atlanta Falcons are hoping the moves made this offseason can get them back to the playoffs.

Last year was a tough season for the Atlanta Falcons. They saw themselves as a potential playoff team, but faded late in the season. Things were defiantly made more difficult playing in the tough AFC south division.

It won’t get any easier next year as teams like the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the talent to compete for a divisional title. The Falcons need a strong offseason to keep pace.

Atlanta has some ammo to use in their efforts to improve the team. This includes a combination of picks and cash.

The Falcons have around $23 million in salary cap space for this offseason. They also have a lot of draft ammo owning the No. 14 draft pick with picks in the second round, third round, two in the fourth, two in the fifth, a sixth round and seventh round pick.

A few of the positions where Atlanta needs help can be address via the draft. Those extra picks in the fourth and fifth rounds are prime spots to find running backs and interior offensive linemen.

Atlanta’s decision on how to use pick No. 14 will be an interesting storyline. They could focus solely on addressing a need or they can work on bringing in the best player available regardless of their needs.

The Falcons may not have a lot of salary cap room, but they do have enough to bring in some talent. They are likely to use some of those funds to retain some of their own free agents too.

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