Robert Kraft reportedly not the biggest name linked to prostitution sting

New England Patriots

It’s been an ugly day for the NFL with Robert Kraft being tied to a prostitution ring, but he may not be the only big name to get exposed.

Twitter has been abuzz since news broke that New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft has been charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution in Florida. There is video evidence that Kraft engaged in sex acts with the prostitutes at a massage parlor, putting the respected owner at risk of violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

While Kraft certainly stands to lose a lot with these indiscretions, he may not be the only one to go down in flames. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on SportsCenter that Kraft isn’t even the biggest name involved in this scandal.

Schefter didn’t provide any hints about who the bigger name could be. It is unclear at this time whether Schefter’s source is referring to a more prominent owner, a big name coach, or a star player, or if it’s someone attached to the Florida teams in and around Martin County where the sting took place.

None of these outcomes would be good for the NFL, which is coming off a strong season that was relatively controversy-free (the officiating disaster from the NFC Championship game notwithstanding). If there is video evidence tying Kraft to the prostitution ring, it stands to reason that the bigger fish was also caught on camera engaging in unsavory behavior that would lead to more arrests.

The NFL is set to make a big marketing push to celebrate the league’s 100th season, beginning with its critically acclaimed NFL 100 Super Bowl commercial and possibly beginning the campaign by showcasing its longest-running rivalry. Nothing would spoil a centennial celebration more than seeing some of the league’s most prominent figures in court defending themselves against prostitution charges.

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