Dallas Cowboys free agency 2019: Top 5 targets

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The Dallas Cowboys are free from some big financial strains and it could mean them becoming a player in free agency for the first time in a while.

Entering the 2019 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys will likely look strikingly similar to the team that lost to the Rams in the playoffs last year. However, with the amount of money they are expected to have, there could be a big name or two added to the mix. That would be a big change for a team that has recently sat out the free agency market and instead chose to focus on their own free agents.

Speaking of their own free agents, star pass-rusher DeMarcus Lawrence is atop the Cowboys to-do list. After playing the 2018 season on the franchise tag, the team and Lawrence are expected to hammer out a long term deal. He’s been an exceptional value when healthy including being towards the top of the league in sacks in 2017. Dallas would be wise to lock him up as soon as possible as a building block of their young defense.

Offensively the team has already parted ways with Terrance Williams, a move that will make most fans happy. Slot receiver Cole Beasley is expected to walk as well as a free agent. There is little hope the Cowboys are able to work a deal out with Beasley after his comments about the coaching staff, albeit a staff that is no longer there.

Aside from free agents, the Cowboys will be looking at some extension candidates this offseason. Receiver Amari Cooper is able to negotiate a contract extension this summer. After spending a first round pick on acquiring him, Dallas and Cooper should be able to come to agreement on the long-term deal both sides want.

The biggest question surrounds quarterback Dak Prescott. Jerry Jones did not mix words when he said Prescott will get an extension back in November. He’s since backed off the point a little but the writing on the wall is clear; Prescott is the Cowboys future at quarterback. It would be smart for the team to do it this offseason instead of waiting until 2020. It would lock the young quarterback into a softer market number and give the team more flexibility moving forward.

That will leave Ezekiel Elliott for the 2020 offseason as an extension candidate. Let’s save that for later.

Dallas is ready to enter the 2019 off-season with ample cap space, despite getting some deals done for their own players. Here are five targets that make sense for the team, if they are going to shoot their proverbial shot.

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