JuJu Smith-Schuster was so lonely on Valentine’s Day

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is tired of being alone on Valentine’s Day, and he made it known on his Twitter page.

JuJu Smith-Schuster was like many of us on Valentine’s Day — all alone with no one to love.

He made his feelings known to the world on his Twitter page, when he posted some professional photos of himself sitting poolside with roses and heart-shaped chocolates, with no one to share them with.

I know the feeling, JuJu.

While there are millions of couples who had no problem flaunting how happy they were on the “Day of Love,” the rest of us just worked, and came home to an empty house, with no roses nor chocolates.

For us singles, our Valentines are the pizza delivery guys, bringing up some pick-me-up pizza to fill the hole in our empty hearts. We’re not sure if Smith-Schuster had self-pity pizza on Valentine’s Day, but we sure wouldn’t fault him if he did. Then again, though, this is JuJu Smith-Schuster we’re talking about here.

He’s an up-and-coming star in the NFL, racking up over 1,426 yards receiving and hauling in seven touchdowns. He’s young, he’s handsome, and he’s going to come into a pretty big payday. Smith-Schuster is not the type of guy who should stay without a Valentine for long.

But, maybe he’s saving himself for the right person? That could be a possibility and a smart move. With Smith-Schuster due to come into a lot of money, there will, no doubt, be a line of people angling for his love in all of the wrong places. So, if that’s the case, kudos to you, Smith-Schuster, for looking for the one who you can share your life with.

For the rest of us, we’ll keep asking the pizza guy to be our Valentines for the foreseeable future.

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