Adam Silver not interested in replacing Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner


Adam Silver has been approached about possibly making a switch to the NFL, but he has no desire to do so.

Not many people out there are fans of Roger Goodell, the current commissioner of the NFL. That even includes a handful of NFL team owners. According to, several owners have been working in recent years to find a replacement for Goodell as the league’s commissioner, even reaching out to Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, to gauge his interest.

But Silver, who has been wildly successful during his five years running the NBA, understandably has no desire to make that switch. Goodell ultimately signed a five-year extension with the NFL worth up to $200 million.

“I’ll just say I have not given it any thought,” Silver said. “I feel very fortunate to be in this position. As a longtime fan, as a longtime league employee, the opportunity to become the commissioner of this league was beyond anything I even ever dreamed of as a kid.”

Silver’s wish to stay put makes complete sense. With the NBA already undergoing a major surge in popularity during David Stern’s run as commissioner, it has made even more strides during Silver’s short tenure.

Since he took over the role in 2014, league revenues have increased to $9.1 billion, and team valuations have increased to an average of $1.9 billion.

While the NFL might be considered the most popular sport in America, the NBA’s popularity continues to grow every year, and Silver has been greatly appreciated by NBA owners and fans.

Unlike Goodell — despised by several owners and especially by NFL fans — Silver is in a perfect situation.

“I’ve loved every day I’ve been in this job,” Silver said, “and I think there’s nothing but enormous opportunity ahead for this league.”

Well said, commish.

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Many will agree that the NFL should move on from Goodell, though. The league will just have to look elsewhere for potential candidates, rather than attempting to lure a great commissioner away from the NBA.

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