FanSided’s Valentine’s Day cards have something for everyone in your life


FanSided’s got you covered with Valentine’s Day cards for every sports fan in your life.

Valentine’s Day is about showering the ones you love with affection, and what better way to do that than with these cards expertly crafted by the FanSided team.

From Bryce Harper to James Harden we’ve got a card for just about every fanatic in your life.

1. Gritty loves you

Whether you’re a hockey fan or not, everyone can appreciate the lovable creature that the Philadelphia Flyers unleashed on us when they introduced us to Gritty, their new mascot. With his flowing mane and signature googly eyes let your loved one know that you’ve only got eyes for them, while also simultaneously freaking them out a little bit.

2. LaVar Ball knows how to pick a winner

The always-confident, often outrageous patriarch of the Ball family serves as a great reminder to your significant other that you two make the perfect team. Oh and that somehow you could beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1, and that your son is better than LeBron James. Don’t worry this card doesn’t cost $400, and it most certainly won’t take 3-4 months to be shipped to you.

3. James Harden’s love knows no bounds

From the reigning MVP himself show the ones closest to you just how much you care for them. No distance is too far, no stepback is too illegal for James Harden, so why should it be for you? We can’t guarantee that this will give you the ability to get to the free-throw line at will or keep referees from calling a travel on you, but it’s worth a shot right?

4. The NFC Championship is not a metaphor for our love

Make your significant other feel confident in knowing that you made the right call in being with them. We recommend you don’t give this to a Saints fan, as it might send them back into a fiery rage while going on and on for hours about how they were boycotting the Super Bowl and how the Saints could’ve put up a better fight than the Rams did. Karma right?

5. Bryce Harper would never make YOU wait

Sure, Bryce Harper might not have a team yet, but let your loved one know that you’d never keep them waiting around for months on end while sending cryptic emojis that might suggest you’re finally ready to settle down. Anyway, Bryce may not be ready to choose his #1, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t already found yours.

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