Antonio Brown making it tougher for Steelers to move him

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If Antonio Brown wants to secure a move away from Pittsburgh, he needs to stay out of the headlines. His recent domestic issues won’t help him get a trade.

Antonio Brown isn’t any stranger to making off-field headlines, but he’ll need to reverse that trend if he wants to engineer a move away from the Steelers. Reports of the talented receiver’s involvement in a potential domestic dispute will only make it more difficult for Pittsburgh to find a willing trade partner.

TMZ reports that Brown was “involved in a domestic dispute” in January, but it’s important to note that he was not arrested. The Hollywood, FL police department confirms that Brown was involved in a “domestic dispute” but they also confirm the fact that no charges were filed.

No matter what really happened during the dispute, it’s bad press for Brown at a time where he really can’t afford any. He’s already been in the headlines for skipping practice, arguing with teammates and requesting a trade from the Steelers. None of those things will endear him to general managers interested on making Brown their No. 1 wide receiver.

Every time Brown makes the news for something negative, it only makes the challenge of moving him more difficult for the Steelers front office. They can’t afford to let a supreme talent like Brown leave the building without getting significant assets in return. Understandably, other teams are worried about sending prime draft compensation and/or young talent to Pittsburgh for a player who might be a headache off the field.

If this trend continues, the Steelers will be faced with a really difficult choice. They will need to either lower their trade demands for Brown or try to reintegrate him into a locker room that will have un-enthused factions about the prospect of his return. It’s easy to see why either path could really set the franchise back as it tries to load up for another Super Bowl run while Ben Roethlisberger is still playing at a high level.

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The Steelers front office is currently banking on the old adage that it “only takes one” team to fall in love with another team’s player to make a trade happen. As it stands, Brown is turning more and more teams off as time goes by.

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