5 takeaways from snore fest that was Super Bowl 53

Super Bowl

So, now that we’ve woken up from the worst played Super Bowl of all-time, here are five takeaways from Super Bowl LIII.

One word that would fit Super Bowl LIII perfectly?


In what was, quite possibly, the most boring, inept Super Bowl of all time (including the joke that was Super Bowl XXIV), the New England Patriots, somehow, managed to play well enough at the right moments to get quarterback Tom Brady, and head coach Bill Belichick, their sixth ring.

Outside of the history, the Patriots made tonight, what else can we take away from this snore fest? Trust and believe, Super Bowl LIII will go down as one of the worst-played Super Bowls of all time.

If not the worst.

From the opening possession, we should have been more aware of what the world we were in for, and, by God, we were not prepared for the onslaught of awfulness that proceeded.

Even Tony Romo couldn’t have predicted this, and he’s basically Nostradamus.

So, we tried to stay awake and see what we could take away form Super Bowl LIII, and here’s the five things we got from this all-around ugly game.

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