Kay Adams: Women are fans of the NFL just as much as men


The NFL needs to start thinking about their entire fanbase, not just the men.

Good Morning Football’s very own Kay Adams took some time to speak with FanSided about all things Super Bowl.

One of those things was some pretty interesting numbers the NFL found after doing research on its demographic. During the Super Bowl, 45 percent of the audience watching is women. While the numbers might be different over the course of the whole season, I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t.

“Women are fans just as much, I think as men are,” Adams told FanSided’s Mark Carman.

That doesn’t just end with football either. While men might have cornered the spot on setting fire to jerseys and showing up to an Oakland Raiders game decked out in black body paint doesn’t mean that women don’t show the same amount of intensity when her team wins or loses.

As far as being a woman in the sports industry, Adams wants to change that narrative too.

“I don’t like to focus on that because I feel like if I keep talking about being a woman in sports that continues to be the narrative,” Adams said. “I’m just a person in sports and if you and I are going up for the same job then you better bring it.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Adams, who spends her mornings talking football on NFL Network, is teaming up with Olay to celebrate an advertisement that will run during the Super Bowl that is targeting directly women. It’ll honestly be a nice break from the 20th car commercial we will undoubtedly see during the nearly 4.5-hour broadcast.

But as far as the game goes, Adams is sticking with experience over going with the high-powered offense of the Los Angeles Rams. In fact, Adams went so far as to say that this might be Tom Brady’s most impressive postseason to date.

“It’s not sexy, it’s that eight-minute drive to open up the game against the Chiefs,” Adams said. “It’s giving Sony Michel the ball 25 times. It’s that offensive line doing such a good job at the right time. If they do that, not only will they win the Super Bowl but if they keep that sort of system then Brady is playing until he’s 45.”

Now that’s a scary thought. But if you ask Adams, the talk about Patriots fatigue is overrated. The Super Bowl is about watching the greatest battle it out to find out who the best is. It just so happens that no one in the AFC can knock the Patriots off far enough from reaching the Super Bowl over and over again.

Just like I imagine it was with the ’90s Chicago Bulls, the ’80s Celtics and Lakers and the current dynasty out in the Bay area, once it’s over everyone will miss those days.

“In 20 year they’re going to speak about [Brady] like he’s Paul Bunyan, like someone who doesn’t exist,” Adams said. “You’re talking about a guy making his ninth trip to the Super Bowl, playing his best football at the age of 41. The sustained success and stability does not get enough credit, this is Michael Jordan level stuff.”

Brady is going for ring number six so it is very Michael Jordan-esque, and if he does end up playing at an elite level for the next four years he will ascend past legendary and we’ll have to seriously start talking about the immortality of Brady.

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