Tom Brady will be Patriots quarterback ‘for quite awhile,’ says Robert Kraft


Tom Brady might be entering his 20th season with the New England Patriots, but owner Robert Kraft sees Brady at QB for the future.

On Wednesday, following commissioner Roger Goodell’s State of the League news conference, Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke to Mike Reiss of ESPN about the state of his 41-year-old starting quarterback. While Brady’s age might give pause to some, the superstar has managed to defy expectations by taking his team to three Super Bowls in the last three years. And according to Kraft, Brady isn’t going anywhere.

“Think about it: The last three years we’ve been blessed to go to the Super Bowl with a quarterback in place,” Kraft said. “I would be quite surprised if he didn’t continue for quite awhile as our quarterback.”

Brady’s contract expires this year, and resigning him is definitely going to be a priority for the Patriots this offseason. He currently is taking up $27 million in cap space, but negotiating a new contract might allow them more flexibility to sign other places, while giving Brady his money through a signing bonus or guarantees in the future.

Brady has led the Patriots to 10 straight AFC East titles, 16 playoff seasons, and five Super Bowl championships. Rumors of Brady’s decline swirl every year, but with he’s managed to shutdown the doubters with three straight trips to the Super Bowl.

“The reality is I don’t think many people thought I’d be playing like this even though I had a great belief I would,” Brady said. “I think RKK [Kraft] has always supported me in my beliefs and thoughts. That’s why we have a great relationship.”

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So, how long will Tom Brady play? He has said in the past that he is aiming to play until he is at least 45-years-old. And in 2017, Kraft said that Brady maybe willing to play six or seven more years. It’s not easy to predict, but quotes from everyone involved suggest he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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