Carson Palmer believes Bill Belichick is more important to Patriots success


In the ongoing ‘who is more important to the Patriots’ debate, Carson Palmer is siding with the coaching.

Carson Palmer says Bill Belichick’s coaching prowess deserves more credit than Tom Brady when it comes to the Patriots dynasty.

Not to disrespect Tom Brady’s greatness, Palmer did call him perhaps the most clutch player in Super Bowl history, but Belichick is the one that deserves just a bit more credit when it comes to the New England dynasty.

“I think a great example of that is the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs,” Palmer told FanSided. “He held the most explosive offense this league has seen in a long time to 42 yards of offense in the first half and zero points. That wasn’t Tom Brady that was Belichick.”

Palmer isn’t wrong here. While Brady’s numbers are historic and are not to be scoffed at, he’s not playing defense, and that defense has held New England together for a few games throughout this run over the years.

Palmer also pointed to the continuity of the Patriots organization as why Brady has been able to play at a high level like this for two decades. Unlike most NFL franchises who are constantly hiring and firing coaches, coordinators and moving on from position players for the next best thing out there, the Patriots have been able to maintain consistency to some degree.

“There’s no other team that has that kind of continuity,” Palmer said. “You look at it from the top down, Josh McDaniels has been there for a long time too. There’s no doubt that if you put Aaron [Rodgers] on that team, or a couple other players they would win some Super Bowls there’s no doubt .”

Brady is also helped by the fact that the players around him, weren’t all high profile draft picks or big name free agents, this combined with the fact that Brady has never signed a massive contract over his career is why New England is able to spread its money out to put valuable assets around Brady.

This isn’t a common model practiced by many teams around the league. Take Rodgers for example, his record-breaking deal he signed before the season started left the Green Bay Packers in a tough spot to spend money elsewhere. Even Rodgers’ former teammate Jermichael Finley points to that as to why the Packers have struggled over the years.

If the Packers would have taken the same approach as the Patriots regarding their payroll, Green Bay might have a dynasty of its own. They certainly have the decades of history to back it up, and to former players like Palmer that history carries a lot of weight when talking about how much respect people around the league has for the Packers.

“I’ve always walked out of Lambeau and said they have a great collection of talent,” Palmer said. “They had a bad year, everybody has a bad year every now and then except for the Patriots, but I like the organization and what they do.”

Although Palmer praised the Patriots dynasty, he’s not picking them to win the Super Bowl this year. Despite the experience New England clearly has over Los Angeles, from a pure talent standpoint, Palmer is going with the Rams who are loaded with talent at every position.

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