10 Must-have foods at your Super Bowl 53 party


Super Bowl 53 is days away. They key to a good Super Bowl party is a perfect blend of food and drink. Here are the top 10 must-have foods that will maximize your Super Bowl experience.

We’re dangerously close to Super Bowl Sunday and excitement is rising in football fans everywhere. Whether you are hosting a party, going out to a bar or watching the game at a friend’s place, food is going to be a big part of your enjoyment.

Having the right spread for a Super Bowl party is crucial. No one has time to mix and eat a salad. The following list is all business. Here are the top 10 Super Bowl foods, ranked in order of necessity.

10. Potato chips – Oh hey lazy person and/or person with no kitchen skills. You brought chips! This is just fine, because no one gets upset with chips and no one wanted to brave testing out anything you were going to cook up by hand anyway. Can’t go wrong with chips.

9. Pigs in a blanket – The first of two wiener dishes, the pigs in a blanket are a household staple. They are easy to cook and can be made into perfect bite-sized pieces. No one on Earth has ever shown up to a party and been upset to see pigs in a blanket.

8. Mini-smokies – A step up from the aforementioned pigs in a blanket, properly sauced smokies are one of the top tailgate foods out there. Just ask the #BillsMafia crew up at Hammer’s Lot in Buffalo. These things are a must.

7. Salsa/Guacamole dip – Continuing the trend of things that are impossible to hate, a great dip goes a long way at a Super Bowl party. Make sure chip guy brings a bag of Tostitos and have a few nacho/salsa dips out around the house. Bonus points if you have guac either in the dip, or as a dip of its own.

6. Desserts – We’re going to lump all of these together because every good Super Bowl party should have a variety of them. Pies, cookies, cake and whatever else you can think of should be included on the menu for the big game. A bit of sweetness in between various dips and meat is a nice touch.

5. Buffalo chicken dip – This relatively new trend is changing the Super Bowl game. In its purest form, it’s a blend of four main ingredients we love – Buffalo wing sauce, ranch dressing, cheese and chicken. There are well over a billion variations of these dips on Pinterest so just search for any and get to mixing – this dish is impossible to mess up. You could literally mix chicken, cheddar cheese, ranch dressing and Franks Red Hot and it would taste good. Cream cheese in this dip is an added bonus. Look how simple this is:

4. Burgers – A good hamburger will top anything out there. Firing up the BBQ for your Super Bowl party is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only can you cook delicious burgers, but it will give the party a true tailgate feel. Bonus points if the burgers are homemade.

3. Pizza – Pizza might be the most popular food on Earth. If you know someone who says they dislike pizza, they probably haven’t eaten it yet. Not only is pizza a simple dish to make or order, it can be customized endlessly. A good Super Bowl party isn’t complete without a few pies, so be sure to order early – the local pizza places will be busy on Sunday.

2. Beer – Not necessarily a food, but necessary to your Super Bowl party. Most people will bring their own beverages, but be sure to stock the fridge, cooler or snow bank with some generic beers for the group. People always run out and you’ll need a few extra when you start playing the Super Bowl 53 drinking game.

1. Chicken Wings – I mean… Wings and the Super Bowl just go together. No need to explain – this one is a must. If you’re near a Buffalo Wild Wing and the game goes to overtime – your wings will be free.

Honorable mention: Chili is a great dish to serve to large groups, especially those celebrating the Super Bowl in the colder climates. Nothing like a bowl of chili after a road hockey game on Super Bowl morning.

Be the greatest host in Super Bowl history and serve all ten of these choices at your party. Despite what they say after the game, you’ll be the real Super Bowl MVP.

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