The ultimate Super Bowl 53 drinking game for Rams vs. Patriots

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Make your Super Bowl party extra fun with this drinking game to add some added excitement to the game between the Rams and Patriots.

Super Bowl LIII (53) is finally here. It’s a bittersweet moment for all football fans, as the penultimate game in sports also marks the end of NFL football (Let’s hope the AAF is decent). For most sports fans, Super Bowl is a massive party, a celebration of football or just a reason to get slammed on a Sunday and call in sick like everyone else at your office. Let’s face it, Super Bowl Monday should just be a holiday.

The game will be broadcast on CBS, which means Tony Romostradamus will be on the call along with Jim Nantz, Tracy Wolfson and Evan Washburn. Kick off is at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS, so chances are you won’t even remember to pull this up before the game. Do yourself a favor and send this link to your most responsible friend, then ask them to be irresponsible and join you in playing it on Sunday (Please drink responsibly).

As if you aren’t already getting drunk before, during and probably after the Super Bowl, turning the big game into a drinking game is added fun for everyone involved. Here are the official Super Bowl LIII drinking game rules (Again, please drink responsibly):

Take one drink if

  • Either team gets a first down
  • Either team gets a penalty
  • A commercial makes you laugh
  • A pass of 20-plus yards is completed
  • An overhead of Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • The coin toss results in heads
  • The coin toss results in tails

Take two drinks if

  • A field goal is scored
  • A car commercial gets political
  • Robert Kraft is shown in his box
  • Either quarterback gets sacked
  • Tom Brady’s retirement is discussed
  • Roughing the passer is called
    • Two bonus drinks for a weak call (There will be at least a few of these)
  • Giselle sighting
  • A player(s) celebrates a touchdown
  • A defense poses for a picture after a big play
  • A pass is intercepted

Take three drinks if

  • A touchdown is scored
  • Tony Romo correctly calls the next play (bottoms up)
  • A safety occurs
  • A field goal is Parkey-ed doinked
  • A Josh McDaniels head coaching opportunity is mentioned
  • Sean McVay’s Atlanta high school photo gets shown
  • McVay’s sideline coach is spotted or talked about
  • Either team goes for it on 4th down

Finish your drink if

  • Romo says “ooooOOOOooooh” or “AAaaaaaAAAAhhh” on a replay review of a close play
    •  Shotgun if the noise is followed by “I don’t know, Jim!”
  • A wardrobe malfunction occurs during the halftime show
  • The word “Deflategate” is mentioned
  • Tom Brady throws a late-game deep pass that gets flagged for pass interference
  • The Patriots win another title (God help us all)
  • The game goes to overtime
  • Bill Belichick shows any face other than this one:
Super Bowl

FOXBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS – JANUARY 13: Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots looks on during the fourth quarter in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game against the Los Angeles Chargers at Gillette Stadium on January 13, 2019 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Bonus Super Bowl LIII rules

If you want to really make it interesting, consider adding these rules to your game:

  • Restroom rules: In order to use the restroom, you must call out the next play correctly in your best Romo voice. You must continue until you correctly call a play.
  • The coaches challenge: Challenge someone in your group to correctly guess the next play, penalty, commercial or score. If they guess incorrectly, they must grab the group a round of drinks. If they guess correctly, you’re making the beer run.
  • Make halftime great again: Give each person at your party a piece of paper and ask them to guess Maroon 5’s set list. For each time a song is guessed correctly, one drink can be dished out to another person. If the song you guess pops up in the order you guessed it – dish out two.

Super Bowl LIII is going to be a lot of fun on its own. The game signifies a new generation of stars against the old guard, both in players and coaches. Both coaches are geniuses in their own right and both quarterbacks are great. This game is going to be incredible.

Make it more incredible by turning the whole thing into a drinking game (responsibly, of course). Enjoy Super Bowl LIII.

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