10 best prop bets to wager on for Super Bowl 53

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One of the best parts about the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl every year is looking at some of the best prop bets. This year, we have the 10 you need to put money on now.

Every year, the Super Bowl comes and we have two weeks to talk about one single game after the AFC and NFC Championship Games. There’s an epic weekend of football, and especially betting on football, then the next week we are stuck with the Pro Bowl. However, for bettors there is one thing that happens the week before the Super Bowl that may be more exciting than the game itself; the release of the prop bets.

Obviously, many of us are focused on who will win between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, but there are a large swath of people who are hoping Kevin Durant can score more points than the losing Super Bowl team. That’s thanks to prop bets.

This year, the Westgate Sports Book release over 1,000 prop bets! You can literally bet on anything tied to the Super Bowl. Literally, anything. Do you want to wager money on what the exact final score will be? The odds are pretty good. Do you want to bet on how long Gladys Knight will take to sing the national anthem? You have that right as an American. How about how many times the broadcast team will mention Sean McVay’s “get back” coach Ted Rath? Yup, you can bet on that.

There are some websites where you can bet on whether an giant inflatable Spongebob Squarepants will appear during the Halftime Show with Maroon 5. Yes, that’s a real bet.

With so many bets to choose from, we are here to help you get some guaranteed victories. Stick with us to make sure you end Super Bowl Sunday a little bit richer.

James White Receiving Yards vs. Josh Reynolds (-110)

James White has had a weird season with the New England Patriots. He had one game all season where he broke 100 total yards between rushing and receiving yards. That’s not what we expected from this player. We thought he was going to be a key cog in the Patriots offensive plan, but that just hasn’t been consistent.

That changed in the post season. Against the Los Angeles Chargers, White caught 15 passes for 97 yards. Against the Kansas City Chiefs, White was decent but Tom Brady didn’t need to go to that outlet pass because he had so much time in the pocket. With Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh rushing from up the middle, Brady will need to pass to the running back much more often.

Josh Reynolds had a good game against the New Orleans Saints, but the Patriots have an elite secondary. They will keep all the receivers at bay, holding most of them to less-than-impressive stats. Go with White on this bet, and know Brady will go to him early and often.

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