Andrew Luck is a big fan of Capt. Andrew Luck Twitter account

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The Capt. Andrew Luck Twitter account is really good, and it turns out Andrew Luck himself is a fan.

With a shaggy beard and sitting notably well behind the times technologically (last anyone knew he still had a flip phone), perhaps no pro athlete better fits being depicted as a Civil War captain by a Twitter parody account than Andrew Luck. We’ve had @CaptAndrewLuck for a little over three years now, chronicling the ups and downs of the Indianapolis Colts quarterback and his team as if they were soldiers in the midst of the conflict.

The identity of “Capt. Andrew Luck” is unknown, but in a 2017 interview, the mystery man did say he’s a “West Coast journalist” who studied history and journalism in college and has no direct ties to Indiana.

At the Pro Bowl festivities on Friday, NFL Network’s MJ Acosta asked Luck about the Capt. Andrew Luck Twitter account. He does not know who is behind it, confirming it’s not him for anyone that may have wondered, but also said he’s a fan.

I do not know who it is,” “It’s definitely not me. I’m not clever enough to write that, but it’s pretty cool. I’m glad people find a little enjoyment about it when maybe some things on the internet can be a little meaner.

Each tweet starts with “Dearest Mother”, and here is the most recent tweet after the Colts Wild Card Round loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Appropriate reading of Capt. Andrew Luck’s musings has to be done out loud in a voice other than your own. “British Dracula” and what sounds a little like Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained are taken, via Chris Simms and Mike Florio on “Pro Football Talk Live”, but here are some other tweets you can practice with.

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Luck still probably doesn’t have Twitter. But it’s nice to know he’s aware of the great parody account depicting him as a Civil War soldier and is appreciative of it.

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