Super Bowl 2019 rosters by college, conference: Rutgers, Georgia lead the way

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Rutgers and Georgia have more former players on Super Bowl rosters than any other college across the country. Because, well, reasons.

Are you a college football fan trying to keep up with the Super Bowl this year? Then you need to know that Rutgers, of all teams, officially has more alumni competing for this season’s Super Bowl than any other college in America.

Unless we’re counting Georgia that is.

If we are counting Georgia, then the Bulldogs and the Scarlet Knights are tied in alumni on Super Bowl rosters for this season with four apiece.

That’s right, in football news that makes essentially zero sense given how bad Rutgers is at football, the Scarlet Knights have more produced more players to compete in this year’s Super Bowl than just about every other college football team in America.

Georgia having four former players on Super Bowl rosters makes sense. Rutgers? Well, not so much.

Regardless, it doesn’t really matter if the fact that Rutgers has become a Super Bowl-player-producing-super factor makes any sort of sense. We’re talking about football here and things that happen in the world of football often don’t actually make sense.

But what does matter is whether or not your favorite team even comes close to having as many players in the Super Bowl this season as the Scarlet Knights.

Here’s the teams that have at least three alumni competing for it all in the NFL this season with the Scarlet Knights and the Bulldogs leading the way, of course:

  • Rutgers (4)
  • Georgia (4)
  • Miami (3)
  • Iowa (3)
  • Ohio State (3)
  • California (3)
  • Washington (3)
  • USC (3)
  • Oregon (3)
  • Oregon State (3)
  • Auburn (3)
  • Florida (3)

And yeah, there’s a ton of Pac-12 teams up there, but the Pac-12 actually does not have the most players competing for it all this year. Here’s how that breaks down by the Power Five college football conferences:

  • SEC (21)
  • Big Ten (20)
  • Pac-12 (18)
  • ACC (11)
  • Big 12 (7)

And there you have it. Rutgers is tied with Georgia in leading the nation in former players to participate in this year’s Super Bowl. Of course, had NFL refs not made some controversial decisions, this amazing situation may not have come to fruition.

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