Darrelle Revis wants the NFL to consider reviewing pass interference calls


Adding to the long list of people who think the New Orleans Saints got robbed in the NFC Championship, All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis wants the league to make some changes.

Darrelle Revis has seen his fair share of bad calls, but nothing like what happened on Sunday in New Orleans.

There has been no shortage of outrage from the no-call that cost the New Orleans Saints a Super Bowl berth at the end of the NFC Championship from players and media alike. Even former defensive players are siding with the Saints, including Super Bowl-winning defensive back Darrelle Revis.

The blown call by the referees has prompted many to suggest that the NFL needs to make pass interference calls reviewable. Revis, who is now a business partner with the premium online gambling bookmaker PointsBet, is one of those people.

“The NFL should take a hard look into reviewing pass interference,” Revis told FanSided. “I was glued to my TV and that was a missed call, and it cost the Saints the Super Bowl. Other penalties and calls are reviewable, this is a new part of the game we need to look into more. I don’t think it’ll take long to review.”

Whether the NFL makes a rule change to help this kind of controversy in the future, the Los Angeles Rams will face Revis’ former team, the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Of course, Revis is siding with the team he won a Super Bowl with, and although he only spent one season in New England, Revis’ time there was spent admiring the dedication and mentality of the Patriots as an organization.

“I remember during our Super Bowl run, it’s a lot of psychological stuff that goes on around the building,” Revis said. “Bill [Belichick] set up photos of the Lombardi trophy around the facility so as you walk into the facility, you see these championship banners all over the place and it puts you in the mindset of what we’re trying to accomplish.”

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The Patriots will try to accomplish what they’ve done five times already, taking home another Lombardi trophy back to New England, and for Revis, there’s no question who he’s taking in the Super Bowl.

“I’m going with the GOAT, Tom Brady for his sixth championship,” Revis said.”

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