Bills GM Brandon Beane looking forward to building a team around Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills

The Bills are confident that Josh Allen is their long term option at quarterback, and GM Brandon Beane is ready to focus on putting a team around him.

Putting together a winning football team is never an easy task for any NFL general manager. In order for it to happen, there are so many different pieces that have to come together at the right time.

But it all begins with one piece, the most important position on any football team: the quarterback.

No team can begin to take shape until it has found the right signal caller. Fortunately for the Buffalo Bills, they have finally found that guy in Josh Allen, whom they selected with the seventh overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Buffalo had to trade up in order to take Allen. As general manager Brandon Beane said, trying to make all the moves in order to acquire your franchise quarterback can make for a stressful situation.

As the Bills look ahead to the upcoming 2019 draft, Beane is excited to focus on actually building a team around Allen.

“It’s a stressful thing to do and go through — just the uncertainty,” Beane said about looking for a quarterback, according to “Last year we were sitting here at 21 and 22, and you’re going, ‘Man, there are some good guys out there, but how do you get up in the top 10 and how far do you have to go.’ It’s weird — this year we’re in the top 10 and we don’t need to be. It’s funny how it all works out. It’s nice to be able to focus a little bit more of our energy on all the positions.”

For the Bills, the toughest part of building a winning team is behind them. Though Allen certainly had his ups and downs during his rookie season, he proved that, with good coaching and development, he is capable of being successful in the NFL.

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Now that the Bills have their quarterback in place, they just have to put the right pieces around him. The job is far from complete, but the 2019 draft should be significantly less stressful for Beane.

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