NFL teams still want Tony Romo on the field


Tony Romo may be a hot commodity in the booth, but NFL teams are still interested in his services on the field.

Tony Romo has been a broadcasting phenom since the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback took over in the CBS NFL Sunday booth. The 38-year-old is wrapping up his second year as the lead color analyst alongside Jim Nantz, but that period away hasn’t stopped NFL teams from gauging Romo’s interest in a potential return to the field.

Romo told Richard Deitsch of The Athletic about contract offers he’s received from teams about playing again.

“There were some things earlier this season and definitely two times this off-season,” Romo said in The Athletic story. “Usually, it is a coach that reaches out.”

Even though Romo acknowledged team’s interest in his services, the 14-year veteran has no plans of leaving the booth.

“I think in some ways you are always evaluating everything but at the same time, I envision probably doing this a long time,” Romo said. “It would be a shock to me for me to think, ‘Okay, I am done’ tomorrow. At the same time, you cannot predict how life goes. But I do know I am happy, this is comfortable, and working with Jim Nantz and our team has been terrific.”

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Romo retired from football after the Cowboys tried to trade him to the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos to no avail. The former quarterback was hired by CBS in early April before the start of the 2017 season and has become a highly touted analyst ever since.

Romo is set to broadcast the upcoming Super Bowl 53 on Feb. 3 when the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams. Maybe watching Tom Brady or Jared Goff hoist the Lombardi trophy gets him in itching to return to the field. For now, Romo is content staying in the booth, but he apparently has plenty of NFL interest if he opts to return to the NFL.

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