Angry Saints fans continue to protest no-call against the Rams

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints fans continue to retaliate after a critical missed pass interference call may have kept them out of the Super Bowl.

It happened with less than two minutes left in the game. The Saints were in the red zone when Drew Brees threw the ball to receiver Tommylee Lewis on third down. Rams defender Nickell Robey-Coleman ran into Lewis and appeared to make helmet-to-helmet contact around the five-yard line. But neither pass interference nor personal foul penalties were called.

Since it was fourth down, the Saints kicked a field goal. The Rams then tied the game with a field goal and forced overtime, where Los Angeles went on to win. Saints fans immediately expressed their outrage at the result and two days later, they have taken extreme action to make their voices heard.

At least two lawsuits have been filed on behalf of Saints fans to compel Roger Goodell to replay the last 1:49 of the game. Another fan– Matt Bowers– has rented billboards in the Atlanta area, the location of the Super Bowl. Several local bars are refusing to run the championship game.

“I’m not done yet,” Bowers said, via ESPN. “I’m going to do my best to bring as much attention to this as possible– and I’m not going to stop until I make them miserable.”

The Saints have not taken formal action against the NFL, but owner Gayle Benson released a statement.

“I am thoroughly disappointed by the events that led to the outcome of yesterday’s game,” Benson said. “No team should ever be denied the opportunity to reach the title game based on the actions, or inactions, of those charged with creating a fair and equitable playing field. As is clear to all who watched the game, it is undeniable that our team and fans were unfairly deprived of that opportunity yesterday.”

“I have been in touch with the NFL regarding yesterday’s events and will aggressively pursue changes in NFL policies to ensure no team and fan base is ever put in a similar position again.”

The NFL has not addressed the media since the event on Sunday night.

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