Nebraska’s incredible Super Bowl streak continues for 26th year

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Nebraska wouldn’t be the school you land on when considering a Super Bowl streak, but there they are.

As we look to Super Bowl LIII, we might consider how the players on the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams break down by college alma mater. Georgia has the most this year, with five, followed by Cal, Florida, Miami and Rutgers at four. Jared Goff will also become the record-setting fifth Cal quarterback to start a Super Bowl. But it’s Nebraska’s streak with a player on a Super Bowl roster that stands out.

With Rams’ defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, the Cornhuskers’ streak with a player on a Super Bowl team extended to 26 years upon L.A.’s win. Patriots’ running back Rex Burkhead would join him later on Sunday.

So inquiring minds may wonder, who has Nebraska had as alums on a Super Bowl roster each year over the years? Thanks to 247 Sports, we have the answers.

XXVIII (1993) – Nate Turner, RB, Buffalo Bills (DNP), XXVII (1993)

XXIX (1994), XXXVII (2002) – John Parrella, DT, Buffalo/San Diego/Oakland

XXX (1995) – Brenden Stai, Pittsburgh Steelers, Donta Jones, LB, Pittsburgh Steelers

XXXI (1996) – Calvin Jones, RB,Green Bay Packers, XXXI (1996), XXXII (1997) – Tyrone Williams, CB, Green Bay Packers

XXXII (1997), XXXIII (1998) – Neil Smith, DE, Denver Broncos, Tony Veland, CB, Denver Broncos

XXXIII (1998) – Michael Booker, CB, Atlanta Falcons

XXXIV (1999) – Doug Colman, LB, Tennessee Titans, 

XXXIV (1999), XXXVI (2001), XL (2005) – Grant Wistrom, DE, St. Louis Rams (2)/Seattle

XXXV (2000) – Christian Peter, DT, New York Giants

XXXVII (2002) – Eric Johnson, S/LB, Oakland Raiders, Adam Treu, C, Oakland Raiders

XXXVIII (2003), XXXIX (2004), XLII (2007) – Russ Hochstein, G, New England Patriots

XXXVIII (2003) – Mike Minter, S, Carolina Panthers, Mike Rucker, DE, Carolina Panthers

XL (2005) – Josh Brown, PK, Seattle Seahawks

XLI (2006) – Mike Brown, S, Chicago Bears

XLII (2007) – Le Kevin Smith, DT, New England Patriots

XLIII (2008) – Ralph Brown, CB, Arizona Cardinals

XLIV (2009) – Scott Shanle, LB, New Orleans Saints, Carl Nicks, OL, New Orleans Saints, Cody Glenn, LB, Indianapolis Colts

XLV (2010) – Brandon Jackson, RB, Green Bay Packers

XLVI (2011) – Prince Amukamara, CB, New York Giants

XLVII (2012) – Sam Koch, P, Baltimore Ravens

XLVIII (2013) – Stewart Bradley, LB, Denver Broncos

XLVIX (2014) – Alfonzo Dennard, CB, New England Patriots, Eric Martin, LB, New England Patriots (PS)

L (2015) – Zaire Anderson, LB, Denver Broncos (PS)

LI (2016), LII (2017) – Vincent Valentine, DT, New England Patriots

LII (2017) – Rex Burkhead, RB, New England Patriots, Nathan Gerry, LB, Philadelphia Eagles

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It’s easy to point to schools with significant NFL pipelines — Alabama, Ohio State, USC and such — as also having residual players on one or both of the Super Bowl rosters each year for as long as anyone can recall. But it’s Nebraska with the streak that is now moving toward three decades.

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