Saints fans are so loud Superdome is crumbling (Photo)

New Orleans Saints

The power of noise is clear in terms of how it effects opponents, and Saints’ fans are so loud inside the Superdome on Sunday the building is crumbling.

The New Orleans Saints have a notable home field advantage at the Mercedes Benz Superdome, so much so that quarterback Drew Brees has yet to lose a playoff game there. Crowd noise has been a factor in the struggles of the Los Angeles Rams thus far in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, and quarterback Jared Goff losing communication in his helmet for a time early in the game did not help.

We’ve all heard the phrase “bringing down the house”, often in reference to the high noise level at a sporting event. But Saints’ fans have taken that to a quite literal level on Sunday.

Here’s photo evidence the Superdome is literally falling apart due to the excessive crowd noise, via Julie Boudwin of

The Saints have long been known to have some of the best fans in football, even when the team was going through an ugly period of 20 years without a winning season. Now with the team on the cusp of reaching a Super Bowl for the second time in franchise history, the Bayou supporters are making their presence felt in the loudest of ways.

The Superdome was opened in 1975, and it’s seen its fair short of great moments. In 2009, the Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC title game, getting them to Super Sunday for the first time in history. Now, nine years later, New Orleans is hoping to help its team reach those heights again.

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