Kansas City Chiefs are ready to take on Tom Brady

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The Kansas City Chiefs are trying to beat a legend in Tom Brady come Sunday night. With Patrick Mahomes, they believe they have the tools to do it.

This weekend is a big one. And not just for the Kansas City Chiefs. Or the New England Patriots. But for the entire NFL. Because here is a turning point in the story.

For two decades, we’ve been held under the greatness of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, the greatest player-coach duo that has ever existed in any sport. And while some will state that their excellence has been a monopoly or some oppressive, over-bearing presence that just needs to go away, we’ll look back at this time in few years in amazement.

This is the perfect timing of two careers, of two human lives, meeting in such a way that the apex of their existence are so intertwined we may not ever know what it would have been like to have the one without the other. Peanut butter and jelly. Spiders and death. Brady and Belichick.

But now on the horizon comes a new team with a quarterback who seems ready to finally, finally dethrone the dominance of Brady and Belichick. Patrick Mahomes has been a maelstrom of fresh air this season and the NFL was at its best this season when the game focused on his talent. There were left-handed passes, no-look passes, and offensive explosions that provided some of the best regular-season games ever.

Art by Aaron Rench – Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs take on the legend Tom Brady

The 2018 Mahomes story isn’t complete, this year or in the future, obviously. But just imagine how much larger the tale can grow this weekend — with a win, it becomes possibly the greatest first complete season for a quarterback in NFL history. After all, if Mahomes wins the MVP award as expected, he’ll be the youngest player to have won it, surpassing Dan Marino by just two days.

But Mahomes and the Chiefs have so much more of a story to tell. It’s just getting started. Brady’s been around for 19 seasons. Are we on the verge of another great career of dominance?

All we can do is continue to watch as the tale unfolds.

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