3 moves the Indianapolis Colts must make this offseason

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The Indianapolis Colts had a great run this season. Now that their 2018 campaign is through, here are three things they need to do in 2019.

The Indianapolis Colts went from 1-5 to winning a playoff game. With a lot of cap space and plenty of time, who knows what this team could look like when they begin their 2019 campaign. Andrew Luck should win comeback player of the year. The offensive line has already vastly improved. Producing a rookie All-Pro in Quentin Nelson.

The defense looked great at times. Darius Leonard also made All-Pro honors in his rookie campaign. The Colts arrow is pointing up. With arguably the best GM in the NFL, Chris Ballard at the helm the sky is the limit for this young, talented team. So what could they improve on? Here are our three most important things the Colts need to do.

3. Improve defensively

The Colts boast a terrific linebacker duo for the 2018 season. Darius Leonard and Anthony Walker had great seasons, combing for 268 total tackles on the year. Where the Colts need some improvement is at corner and safety. Malik Hooker, Kenny Moore and Nate Hairston did a decent enough job in 2018 holding it together.

We would like to see the Colts bring in some more help. Mike Mitchell was a good addition but was often injured. His age doesn’t help either. The Colts need to draft a gifted player to help shore up the back end for the 2019 season. The game is getting faster and their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs proves they can’t handle offenses at a top-tier level.

Using some of that cap money the Colts could bring in a decent veteran at a decent price. Someone who wants to help build this team, as they are moving in the right direction, Ballard will figure this out sooner rather than later. It would be nice to see what this defense could do with hungry players at every level.

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