Saints troll Eagles, celebrate to Philly native Meek Mill

New Orleans Saints

As soon as they hit the locker room, the Saints got rowdy in a way that just might ruffle some Eagle feathers.

Just minutes after the clock ran out on the New Orleans Saints‘ 20-14 divisional round playoff win over the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, they took to the locker room for their regular post-win dance party.

This isn’t anything out of the ordinary for the Saints, who aren’t shy about enjoying themselves in the locker room after victories. But it was the song that members of the Saints were dancing to that made this celebration unique — and potentially, controversial.

Via Saints receiver Kirk Kirkwood’s Instagram live feed, the Saints were seen strutting around the locker room with Philadelphia native Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” blaring in the background.

The song has a special meaning to Philadelphia sports fans, as it acted as a sort of rallying cry during the Eagles’ 2017 Super Bowl run. The Eagles had the song blasting over the public address system as they took the field for the 2017 NFC Championship game versus Minnesota. Philadelphia and their fans adopted the rap song as an anthem that represented the underdog mentality that they maintained all the way to the first Super Bowl in franchise history.

It’s a petty move by the Saints, but unsurprising considering the tension between the two teams. It never boiled over into an altercation on the field during Sunday’s game, but players from both teams took shots at their opponent through the media all week.

But before Eagles fans get too offended by the Saints’ dance party, they should consider what their own team did just last week. After last Sunday’s last-second victory over the Chicago Bears in the wild card round, the Eagles shimmied around the locker room to Chicago native Chief Keef’s “Faneto.”

What goes around, comes around. The age-old saying holds true once again.

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