Chiefs fans bought seat for deceased mom as good luck

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs advanced to the AFC Championship Game on Saturday, and there was one seat left open in the building.

Any Kansas City Chiefs fan will tell you, the team has not fared well in the playoffs. There are superstitions abound that the Chiefs’ faithful hope will aid their team this time around. One in particular stood out.

According to Tom Martin of KCTV5, Renee Lawrence and Hershel McWilliams were ready for Kansas City to exact revenge on the Colts. The two teams met 15 years earlier in the same stadium. The siblings, along with the rest of there family were watching with baited breath. There mother, Jennifer McWilliams, was battling cancer. Jennifer was a massive Chiefs fan and cared so much about the team and their playoff hopes.

The outcome that day did not come out in the Chiefs’ favor. That was not the only loss for that family that day. The McWilliams family lost their mother.

Martin details how the McWilliams family lost their mother at 43 years old after a long battle with cancer, the same day the Chiefs lost to the Colts in Jan. 2004. The long-time Chiefs fan was caring about her team right until the very end, asking for updates on the game until her death. Fifteen years later, with the new-look Chiefs as the AFC’s top seed the family was ready for another playoff run to start by knocking out the Colts.

That is why if you were watching on TV, you noticed an empty seat in section 316 of Arrowhead Stadium. The McWilliams family purchased a ticket for their deceased mother knowing that she will always want to watch her team and have dubbed it #momseat.

The family is not done just yet. In a follow-up to the tweet above, Martin screen-shots a tweet from Renee Lawrence about wanting to do it again. The Chiefs host the New England Patriots Sunday night for the AFC Championship game in Arrowhead Stadium.

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