Terrell Owens says Cowboys should fire Jason Garrett, gets roasted


In an effort to get some revenge over the man helped run him out of Dallas, TO wants Garrett out, but seems to forget who was the head coach

Only minutes after the Dallas Cowboys were run over by the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional round at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, former Cowboys wide receiver and resident petulant child Terrell Owens said coach Jason Garrett should be fired.

Owens made his appeal directly to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as Dallas lost 30-22 on Saturday night.

Owens also took shots at sports personalties Skip Bayless of FOX Sports, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN and Troy Aikman of FOX Sports. He then returned to going after Garrett, who has been part of a run of 10 years in which Dallas has won only two playoffs games. One of those was last week when Dallas held off Seattle in the NFC Wild Card round.

That 10-year run started under Wade Phillips, but Garrett took over in 2010 after Phillips was fired. Garrett just finished his eighth full season as head coach of the Cowboys. NFL Network reported on Saturday morning that Dallas is expected to give Garrett a contract extension after he rallied the team from a 3-5 record at midseason. The Cowboy went 7-1 in the second half of the season to finish 10-6 overall

Still, Garrett’s tenure has been part of some long-running frustration in Dallas. The team hadn’t won a playoff game since the 2009 season. Then again, Owens didn’t do any better in his three seasons in Dallas. the Cowboys twice lost their first playoff game and didn’t make the playoffs during his last season in 2008. After that year, numerous players and coaches pushed for Owens to be released because of his antics and self-absorbed behavior.

When a Cowboys fan ripped Owens on Twitter for that, Owens then made a typical mistake, saying that Garrett was the head coach at the time.

“I tried BUT Garrett was the HC then too!!” Owens said, forgetting that Garrett was never the head coach when he was in Dallas. Wade Phillips was the head coach and Garrett was the offensive coordinator,

Owens was then roasted by numerous fans for his behavior.

Finally, when one fan tweeted at Owens, “Still bitter I guess,” Owens confessed that he is.

“Yeh, maybe a little. That sapsucker got rid of me & had Jerry thinking I was the problem. So what has he really accomplished since I left?!! *jeopardy tune*”

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