3 things the Chicago Bears need to do this offseason

Chicago Bears

With a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, here are three things the Chicago Bears need to do to make that extra leap this offseason.

What an exciting time it is for any NFL fan. The Chicago Bears played an amazing game against the defending champions. If not for a blocked kick the Bears would be moving on to the Divisional Round. As many Bears fans are losing sleep and shedding tears over what could have been, here are three things the team needs to do to take that next step towards winning a Super Bowl.

Before we begin let’s summarize their stellar 2018 campaign. We will always start from the top, and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has made huge steps towards being exactly what the Bears need in a leader. He can make all the throws and has made use of his legs throughout the season. His stellar play should not be overlooked as he helped lead Chicago to a 12-4 record.

Matt Nagy has already turned this franchise around and into NFC North Champions. They are the future of the division. Nagy did exactly what we expected him to do. He helped transform Trubisky, he created a two-headed monster with his rushing attack, and bolstered his defense to be one of the best in the entire NFL.

3. Replace Cody Parkey

We all have seen our favorite team’s kicker miss an important kick that could’ve and should’ve won the game. Parkey just happened to miss multiple kicks over the course of the season. His latest blocked kick will probably lead to his departure from the Chicago.

Parkey actually made the first kick but was successfully iced by Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson. It wasn’t confirmed until Monday that Parkey’s kick was actually tipped by one of the Eagles defensive lineman during the play. Finances could dictate that Chicago will keep him, but it should cut the string now and find someone who can help this team in a 2019 Super Bowl run.

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