It’s time to start overreacting to every Antonio Brown tweet

Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That time of the year when NFL players try to recruit each other via social media. This year’s top prize? Antonio Brown.

The saga between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Antonio Brown has been a long one. For the most part, both sides have done enough winning to tolerate each other and ignore their flaws. However, the Steelers didn’t make the postseason this year and things are trending towards a parting of ways between the two sides. If that happens, it’s safe to say the San Francisco 49ers would love to have him.

49ers tight end George Kittle reached out to Brown on Twitter. The Steelers receiver, who has gotten in trouble for social media shenanigans in the past, hit him back. This sent NFL twitter on a wild ride of emotions.

To say Brown is an extremely good receiver is a bit of an understatement. He a top-notch receiver in today’s game, but you could also make the argument for his all-time greatness. However, Brown’s last 12 months in a Steelers uniform hasn’t been good. From tossing couches out of a condo to posting a Mike Tomlin postgame rant on Facebook to allegedly getting into a fight with a teammate, Pittsburgh might have had enough of him and his soap opera antics.

If he’s truly available, expect just about every team to consider trading for him. Or, if he becomes a free agent, signing him. Even for rebuilding teams, Brown makes a ton of sense because he can single-handedly transform an offense. Guys of that caliber are rare. As long as Brown is healthy, you can sharpie him in for at least 100 catches and 1,000 yards. He led the NFL in touchdown catches this season with 15.

It’s hard to gauge what kind of return the Steelers could get for Brown because players as great as him are so rarely available. That said, it would be shocking to see him get traded for less than a first-round pick.

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Brown is the guy to watch this offseason for NFL fans. A trade cannot officially happen under March 1. But Brown’s name isn’t going away any time soon. And, knowing how eccentric and social media savvy he is, he’ll make sure his name is at the front and center of the offseason. If the NFL offseason is a soap opera, Brown is the leading star.

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