Antonio Brown trade rumors: 5 teams who should trade for the disgruntled Steelers receiver

Pittsburgh Steelers

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Wide receiver Antonio Brown has requested a trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here are five teams who would make the most sense for him. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been one of the most consistent teams in the NFL. This is largely because they have their way of doing things and they stick with it. For the most part, it’s worked for them. And, if the Steelers stick by it, star wide receiver Antonio Brown could be on his way out.

Typically, Pittsburgh will tolerate their players until they become replaceable. Recent examples include Le’Veon Bell, Emmanuel Sanders, and Mike Wallace. Even though Brown has been as reliably elite as a receiver can be, he might be approaching that point thanks to his recent feud with Ben Roethlisberger.

The thing is, the Steelers might not have much of a choice. According to Jason LaCanfora, Brown has requested a trade. Though this doesn’t guarantee a trade will happen, it means he would welcome a change of scenery.

In order for the Steelers to trade Brown, they’d have to admit they’d be better off without him. Good luck convincing anyone you’re better off without arguably the best receiver in the NFL. Especially after the Steelers only put up 16 points on the Cincinnati Bengals without him. There’s also the amount of dead cap space Pittsburgh would have to take on in a trade (especially if it’s designated before July 1). The Steelers would have $21.1 million in dead cap if they traded him, and then they’d have to find a taker for his $15 million salary for this year.

If Brown is on the market, teams will line up to get him despite the financial hurdles. After all, he can transform any offense and is a rarity as a receiver. Just about every team with cap space is going to want him. This puts the Steelers in a position of leverage because they don’t have to trade him and can demand whatever price they want, asking suitors to match. Because of this, we can logically assume he’s probably not getting traded within the AFC North. Sorry, Browns fans.

Here are the five teams who make the most sense for him.

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