Top 5 head coach candidates for Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers

The Mike McCarthy era is over in Green Bay, who are some options to take over as head coach of the Packers?

From 2006 up until December 2nd, 2018, Mike McCarthy coached the Packers. Like the longstanding relationships between coach and team that are seen in New England and Seattle, McCarthy in Green Bay was right up there. During his tenure the Packers tallied a record of 125-77-2 with a 10-8 record in the playoffs.

Now, the Packers need to identify which coach they believe can lead the franchise for the remainder of Aaron Rodgers prime. Many called for McCarthy’s head due to the recent failures of Green Bay, but to many, the problems are rooted deeper than simply the coach. Nonetheless, a new face will get a shot at leading the Packers, let’s look at some potential options.

5. Jim Caldwell

One name that has surfaced in the Packers coaching search is seasoned head coach Jim Caldwell. Formerly the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions, Caldwell is one of the most experienced coaches available. Although he has had limited success in the NFL, he does have a winning record. His mark of 64-54 is slightly better than .500, but the Packers could prefer Caldwell over one of the younger, more inexperienced coaches in line for a promotion.

Caldwell reached the playoffs several times, but only managed a 2-4 record. His inability to win in the playoffs is worrisome and could be a detriment to his hiring, but maybe the Packers feel like his shortcomings in the playoffs were due to lack of talent on his rosters. With Rodgers, there should be fewer issues with that.

Caldwell has perhaps the best resume on this list, well, most NFL coaching experience at least. Do the Packers want the experienced coach, or one of the young guns? That is the question.

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