Tom Brady wants to play beyond his current contract

New England Patriots

Tom Brady wants to play past his 2019 contract, but do the Patriots want that?

The New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady are on their way to another first-round playoff bye if all goes well this weekend. Brady hasn’t played at an MVP level this season, but he is clearly still able to help his team win the Super Bowl.

When asked recently whether or not he wants to play beyond his current contract, which ends in 2019 when he’ll be 42, Brady responded like this.

“I absolutely believe I will. I know I’ve talked about it for a long time: I have goals to not only play next year, but beyond that,” he said to Westwood One. “I’m going to try to do it as best I possibly can. I’m going to give it everything I have, like I always have.”

Brady acknowledges that it will be hard for him to play professional football at that age. However, he benefits from two different things.

First, NFL rules have never been more favorable when it comes to protecting quarterbacks and the second plus is that Brady has taken extremely good care of his body.

He has spent his whole career with the Patriots, and it will be interesting to see if that’s where he finishes.

He’s going to his 14th Pro Bowl this year. That’s remarkable, and he would be given the choice to retire on his own time line by most organizations. The Patriots aren’t just any franchise though, and head coach Bill Belichick has a tendency to ditch players too early rather than too late.

Brady has thrown for 4,105 yards, 25 touchdowns and 11 interceptions this year, which is impressive, but a far cry from his MVP seasons.

Belichick will have a big decision to make when Brady’s contract runs out. Joe Montana was regarded by many as the best quarterback of all time when the San Francisco 49ers let him go to the Kansas City Chiefs, and we all saw how that worked out for both Montana and the Chiefs.

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