Falcons punter might have dropped hardest hit of season (Video)

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Bosher might be a punter, but you certainly don’t want him in your way. The Carolina Panthers found that out the hard way.

There isn’t much for the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers to play for in Week 16 — other than divisional bragging rights — but that doesn’t mean these players are taking it easy.

Heck, even the guys on special teams are stepping it up. In particular, Falcons punter Matt Bosher absolutely rocked Kenjon Barner on a punt return, giving us one of the highlights of the year. Bosher isn’t known as a hard-hitting punter the way Darren Bennett of the San Diego Chargers was, making this unexpected slam all the more enjoyable.

Nearing the end of the second quarter, Bosher punted the ball away to the Panthers. As Barner tried to make his way down the field with the ball, suddenly he was stopped dead in his tracks with a brutal hit that is going to be shown repeatedly shown on highlight films in the years to come.

It was almost reminiscent of a WWE clothesline, as Bosher took Barner right to the ground hard. Bosher was clearly fired up, very proud of his monstrous play, as he made his way to the sideline.

At this point, it gives the fans something to be excited about with two teams that have been huge disappointments. The Falcons have been ravaged by injuries from the start of the season, while Carolin is riding a six-game losing streak after starting 6-2.

The Falcons are eliminated from playoff contention, and the Panthers are as good as eliminated, but at least they are still playing with some competitive fire.

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