NFL quarterback rankings, Week 15: Patrick Mahomes is the MVP


The debate has raged on for months, but now it’s all over. After Sunday’s absurd performance, Patrick Mahomes is the NFL MVP.

This week, and every Tuesday of the season, the rankings are based with a combination of current play and performance of an indicator of what is to come.

Cleo Lemon Division

32. Cody Kessler (LW: 32)

The Jaguars are lucky to score one touchdown per game with Kessler under center. No team is a more boring watch when they have the ball, largely because the quarterback situation is a complete and total mess.

31. Mark Sanchez (LW: 29)

Sanchez went 6-of-14 for 38 yards with two interceptions. How is Colin Kaepenrick not in the league over this? Alright, let’s not go down that road, but the point stands that Sanchez has no business being on an NFL field.

30. Jeff Driskel (LW: 31)

Give Driskel some credit here. The Bengals were two-touchdown underdogs in their game at Los Angeles, and Cincinnati was playing to tie the game in the final minutes. It was a solid showing from a guy who is limited in all facets of his skill set.

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