NFL power rankings, Week 15: Colts rise, Steelers fall

NFL Power Rankings

The Indianapolis Colts pulled off a huge win over the Houston Texans, while the Pittsburgh Steelers suffered an unfathomable loss.


Oakland Raiders 3-10

Last week: W, 24-21 vs. PIT
Last rank: 32nd

The Raiders won their Super Bowl on Sunday.


San Francisco 49ers 3-10

Last week: W, 20-14 vs. DEN
Last rank: 31st

San Francisco played the role of spoiler to the hilt.


Arizona Cardinals 3-10

Last week: L, 17-3 vs. DET
Last rank: 29th

You score three points against the Lions at home, and everybody should be fired.


Jacksonville Jaguars 4-9

Last week: L, 30-9 at TEN
Last rank: 28th

The Jaguars didn’t bother to show up on a short week.


Buffalo Bills 4-9

Last week: L, 27-23 vs. NYJ
Last rank: 27th

Buffalo is playing hard, but the talent isn’t there yet.


New York Jets 4-9

Last week: W, 27-23 at BUF
Last rank: 30th

The Jets are just plowing forward until everybody gets fired.


Atlanta Falcons 4-9

Last week: L, 34-20 at GB
Last rank: 25th

Atlanta lost again, giving itself a nice draft position.


Cincinnati Bengals 5-8

Last week: L, 26-21 at LAC
Last rank: 23rd

The Bengals fought hard but didn’t have enough in the end.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-8

Last week: L, 28-14 vs. NO
Last rank: 21st

Tampa Bay hung in there for a half, then it was over.


Washington Redskins 6-7

Last week: L, 40-16 vs. NYG
Last rank: 20th

Washington is atrocious.


New York Giants 5-8

Last week: W, 40-16 at WSH
Last rank: 26th

The Giants are playing really well all of a sudden.


Detroit Lions 5-8

Last week: W, 17-3 at AZ
Last rank: 24th

The Lions finally won again. Hooray.


Carolina Panthers 6-7

Last week: L, 26-20 at CLE
Last rank: 17th

Carolina might be cleaning house at season’s end.


Denver Broncos 6-7

Last week: L, 20-14 at SF
Last rank: 14th

The Broncos blew a golden opportunity.


Green Bay Packers 5-7-1

Last week: W, 34-20 vs. ATL
Last rank: 22nd

Green Bay won, but Aaron Rodgers wasn’t anything special… again.


Miami Dolphins 7-6

Last week: W, 34-33 vs. NE
Last rank: 19th

What the hell just happened?


Cleveland Browns 5-7-1

Last week: W, 26-20 vs. CAR
Last rank: 18th

The Browns are somehow alive for the AFC North.


Philadelphia Eagles 6-7

Last week: L, 29-23 (OT) at DAL
Last rank: 12th

And just like that, the Eafgles are finished.


Minnesota Vikings 6-6-1

Last week: L, 21-0 at SEA
Last rank: 13th



Pittsburgh Steelers 7-5-1

Last week: L, 24-21 at OAK
Last rank: 10th

Mike Tomlin’s backside might be feeling toasty.


Tennessee Titans 7-6

Last week: W, 30-9 vs. JAX
Last rank: 16th

The Titans could very well end up 10-6.


Baltimore Ravens 7-6

Last week: L, 27-24 (OT) at KC
Last rank: 11th

The Ravens have to be crushed after such a tough defeat.


Indianapolis Colts 7-6

Last week: W, 24-21 at HOU
Last rank: 15th

Indianapolis would be a very live underdog in the playoffs.


Houston Texans 9-4

Last week: L, 24-21 vs. IND
Last rank: 5th

Houston had to lose at some point. No sweat.


Seattle Seahawks 8-5

Last week: W, 21-0 vs. MIN
Last rank: 9th

The Seahawks are going to the playoffs.


Dallas Cowboys 8-5

Last week: W, 29-23 (OT) vs. PHI
Last rank: 8th

Dallas is going to make the postseason. How far will it go?


New England Patriots 9-4

Last week: L, 34-33 at MIA
Last rank: 4th

Just a brutal, brutal loss.


Chicago Bears 9-4

Last week: W, 15-6 vs. LAR
Last rank: 7th

The Bears defense is absurdly good.


Los Angeles Chargers 10-3

Last week: W, 26-21 vs. CIN
Last rank: 6th

Now for the showdown at Arrowhead.


Los Angeles Rams 11-2

Last week: L, 15-6 at CHI
Last rank: 1st

Jared Goff has to make some plays against a top defense in that spot.


Kansas City Chiefs 11-2

Last week: W, 27-24 (OT) vs. BAL
Last rank: 3rd

The Chiefs are winning games they never would have before.


New Orleans Saints 11-2

Last week: W, 28-14 at TB
Last rank: 2nd

Having the Saints and Chiefs in the Super Bowl would be awesome to watch.

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